Special Meeting Minutes from July 26, 2015

KNFC Special Annual Meeting July 26, 2015

start time 7:06PM, end time: 8:06, mtg minutes recorded by Than H.

Attendees: Jeff Ingram, Rick Feinberg, Nancy Grim, John Gargan Jr, Sam Brandon, Amber Myers, Carys Bobbitt, Than Hedington, Jennifer Cline, Isaac Cline, Fred Maier, Carol Maier, Jess Taylor, Jared Taylor, Sheila Harko.

Courthouse is office space. Right now we are staying at current location, with a 20ft. Expansion out the back, with a basement beneath the expansion, flush with Dr Reeves. New entrace to be flush with the sidewalk. Funds amount to $110K for construction, and 40k for equipment. store will have to close for a few days, 5 to 7. Gravel leveling in the back.

Addition of a garden wall, south facing on the front (approx 4ft tall) for plants. Plans for the front will be converted to a cafe-like area are debated. City wants to put a supermarket downtown, and a “west side market” as a year-round space for the farmer’s market, near the pufferbelly, both of which could be a threat to the KNFC. However, the KNFC has been continually growing for several years. Because of lack of space, KNFC growth has diminished.

Better management ability would be good. Better co-operation is a wise course. Continue to develop the KNFC niche as a local, hometown, wellness, specialty store. Increased publishing and advertising is currently working.

We have joined the chamber of commerce, which has helped give us opportunities, especially with the newspaper and other medias.

Jeff proposes the plan of expansion with an amendment that a basement be present if the cost is not prohibitive. The basement would be halfway dug by the time the foundation for the expansion would be built anyway.

OFFICIAL: Jeff Proposal “That The General Membership Approves The Architectural Plan That Has Been Presented By TANYA LIPTON For The One Floor Expansion, with the proviso that we add a basement under the expansion as long as the board finds that is fiscally responsible.” Fred M. seconds the motion

Motion passes unanimously!

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