Draft General Meeting Minutes from June 24th 2018

KNFC Annual Meeting of the Membership – Sunday, June 24, 2018
In attendance: Dontty Lakinando, Charlie Brandes, Jere Sitko, Darrin Bowers, Sam Brandon, Fred Pierre, Maryjayne Stone, John Gargan, Wanna Kunsun, Nancy Grim, Rick Feinberg, Elizabeth Ryan, Barb Withee, Aurelia Stone, Sheila Harko, Eric Cucuz, Becca Zak, Tom Riddle, Anita Gontkovsky, Jeff Ingram.
Previous meeting minutes motioned and approved.
Agenda addition motioned and approved: Discussion of Wal-Mart buying opportunities.
President Sam Brandon presents the State of the Co-op report: Slightly more than a year out from the renovations we are starting to see regular sales growth, with CBD products leading sales. GT Kombucha drinks, Hartzler milk and PB8 acidophilus remain strong profit makers. Sam praises the orderly board meetings, reports good communication at board meetings, even when dealing with contentious issues.
Treasurer John Gargan reports a 4.15% increase in last month’s sales over last May, consistent with a growth in sales of 4.2% in 2018 over the first five months of 2017. He mentions the renovations loan payment, which restricts cash flow, but predicts that sales growth can outpace that. John supports a living wage, but cautions that we can’t increase wages at this time due to the loan payment’s bite out of our cash flow. A continued sales growth will eventually build up cash that we can use for wages.
Nominations open for three open board positions: Meetings are the third Sunday of the month, there is a requirement to volunteer two hours per month in the store. The nominees are: Elizabeth Ryan, Becca Zak, Jere Sitko, Aurelia Stone, and Jeff Ingram.
Wal-Mart purchasing: If we can obtain a discounted case price from Wal-Mart that vastlt undercuts our natural food distributors, can we purchase productws, specifically Nature’s Path cereal, from Wal-Mart, wither online or in-store?
Our distributor’s wholesale price is higher than Wal-Mart’s retail price on these supersized cereal packets. Nancy inquires if we can go direct to the manufacturer for a better price. Maryjayne feels like if we buy from Wal-Mart, we will incur ill will from our loyal customers. Darrin and Charlie tell negative stories about Wal-Mart’s practices of undercutting prices and driving out mom and pop stores, as well as strong-arming manufacturers to obtain reduced pricing.
Motion to “Not purchase from Wal-Mart.” Seconded and approved. Nineteen votes for, none opposed, two abstentions.
Motion to “Ask Staff to find alternative sources for products we would buy at Wal-Mart.” Seconded and approved. Twenty votes for, none opposed, one abstention.
Adjournment proposed and seconded. Meeting adjourned by unanimous vote.
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